Android 4.4.2 KitKat per Oppo Find 7 e Find 7a finalmente disponibile

Android 4.4.2 KitKat per Oppo Find 7 e Find 7a finalmente disponibile

Con colpevole ed enorme ritardo la casa madre mette a disposizione degli utenti, una versione beta di Android 4.4.2 KitKat per Oppo Find 7 e Find 7a.

In un periodo dove tutti i più grandi produttori di smartphone e tablet al mondo stanno rilasciando gli aggiornamenti di Android 5.0 Lollipop per i propri dispositivi di punta e non solo, Oppo ha reso disponibile, con enorme e colpevole ritardo, l’aggiornamento ColorOS 2.0.4i Beta che introduce Android 4.4.2 KitKat per Oppo Find 7 e Find 7a.

Android 4.4.2 ma ancora in beta

Purtroppo, come anticipato, l’aggiornamento rilasciato ufficialmente da Oppo attraverso il proprio forum ufficiale è ancora in versione beta ma porta con se già diverse novità rispetto alla precedente versione quali, un miglioramento generale del comparto fotografico, la nuova organizzazione della home screen, modalità di utilizzo con una mano, nuovi widget e molto altro ancora.

Changelog completo

Updated to Android 4.4.2
Added support for Find 7 (OPPO X9076), from now on Beta versions will support both the Find 7a (X9006) and 7(X9076)
Added support for unified storage, you can now go to Settings -> General -> More -> Switch partition to switch your phone storage to unified partition
Added new single-handed operation, you can swipe from the bottom left/right corner to the center of the phone to activate
Optimized the system RAM consumption
Optimized the free-crop screenshot, now you can crop the screenshot to any shape you want
Fixed the issue that after updating to ColorOS 2.0.0i, some devices may encounter black screen problem
Fixed the issue that notifications are shown as “…” in status bar when there is still enough space left —- MB48

Updated the preset wallpapers
Added the option to sort apps alphabetically in Settings -> General -> Default applications -> ColorOS launcher, tap the a-z icon to rearrange the apps alphabetically —- Survey
Redesigned the weather widget, which is now transparent and easier to match with different wallpapers
Moved the double tap to enable wallpaper blur effect to Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper & Lockscreen interface.
Added a more efficient way to organize applications on homescreen, hold an application icon to enter edit interface and drag an icon to the thumbnails to move to a different homescreen.
Optimized the live weather effect “Fog”

Added animation and text prompt for the default lockscreen “Slide up unlock” for VOOC Charging
Optimized the procedure to check notifications in lockscreen interface, now you can simply swipe down in lockscreen interface to access notification center
Redesigned the password/ pattern unlock, now you can still use different lockscreen styles before enter password/pattern —- aga doo
Optimized the weather unlock, now the weather unlock animation is much smoother

[Task Manager]
Optimized the task manager interface and animation, now it’s running much more smoothly —- luckywang

[Global Gesture Board]
Removed global gesture board due to low usage rate, and causing mis-operation when using full screen apps.

Added an eye protection display mode in Settings -> Display -> Eye protection display
Redesigned the lockscreen and wallpaper settings interface
Redesigned the storage interface and added dynamic animations
Optimized the Gesture & motion settings for Screen-off gestures

Added support to login Exchange account that requires full encryption of the phone —- joerg.fischer
Added folder sync setting for email —- endirabhi

Optimized the flashlight, now it’s able to run in background

[Easy Cover]
Added music control in easy cover mode, when playing music you can swipe left/right to switch to music control interface —-stefanojex

Potrete trovare maggiori informazioni, la guida all’installazione ed i file da scaricare, direttamente nel forum ufficiale Oppo.